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Exploring for polymetallic Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu  deposits in central Peru
Tayco Pacific Resources S.A.C.
Main hosts to mineralisation in the region (in green) are the Cretaceous limestones and subordinate sandstone, mudstones and siltstones of the Jumasha, Pariatambo and Chulec Formations and the Goyllarisquizga Group (Tayco 1 to Tayco 4).

Other formations:

Calipuy Volcanics (in light orange, southwest of Tayco 5): mix of porphyritic andesite ‘spills’ and occasional breccia flows and hyperbyssal porphyries. 
Yantac Formation (northwest of licences). Volcano-sedimentary sequence of clastic and pyroclastic rocks (in orange).