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Exploring for polymetallic Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu  deposits in central Peru
Tayco Pacific Resources S.A.C.
Tayco 1 – Tayco 4: 
Significant intersections of faults, thrusts, fold axial traces and regional lineaments have resulted in severe ‘disruption’ to the Cretaceous (limestone) sequences, potentially creating pathways and voids into which mineralising fluids may have flowed. 

Structures present are similar to those at Santander mine, ~20 km to NW. 

Minor weakly altered ?intermediate intrusives (body + dyke) observed in the SE corner of Tayco 1 (and in La Victoria licence) open up possibility of discovering other styles of mineralisation (e.g. skarn, porphyry copper) at depth. 
Tayco 5: 
Calipuy volcanics show ‘colours’ of possible alteration. Intersection of deep, N-S and ENE regional structures interpreted.